About Alan Moberg Singer Songwriter and Performer

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About Alan Moberg

Songs to Dream by, Delight in, of the Coast, of the Country and of the Heart

He is country. He is folk. He is early rock. He is gospel. He is Western Roots. He is known as The Saltwater Cowboy. Inducted into the BC Country Music Hall of Fame in 2008 for his extensive body of original and moving songs, with traditional western themes like bravery, innocence, survival and the cross-cultural friendships we share with First Nations people, his songs celebrate the lives of ordinary men and women, giving them identity & dignity. He has known what it's like to walk the long rocky road of life and ask for a helping hand, from a friend or from a greater power. He is a BC Troubadour as well for his extensive repertoire of songs about the province he so loves. And after the Winter Games, the rest of the country wants to continue that love affair. He has the ability to put smiles on people's faces and in their hearts.

Reviews & Tributes
"Howard White of Harbour Publishing, says "Moberg does for BC's interior ranchland and coastal rain forest what Ian Tyson does for Alberta cow country ... a moving portrayal of the west beyond the west by a virtuoso singer-songwriter."

"Alan is no doubt one of Canada's best" - Ron Burd, Music Director, CIUT Radio Toronto.

"He paired up with his friend, Ed Peekeekoot, for a rare and beautiful set with great showmanship, beautiful vocals, fun bantering humour and skillful musicianship. Alan also played a wonderful Gospel set for us on Sunday morning that kept all entranced, whether a gospel fan or not. His Beautiful British Columbia quickly became the anthem of our Festival." Lionel Conant, Chair, Cottonwood Music Festival/09, Fort St. James, BC.

*He was honoured this year at the Williams Lake Stampede for the 40th anniversary of his Williams Lake Stampede song. This classic folksong has promoted BC's cowboy culture round the world. Put to 4-part harmony, it has been sung and recorded by various choirs-Chor Leoni, Calgary Boys' Choir, Maple Leaf Singers, and by George Hamilton IV.

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