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For many years, this songwriter/performer, with his quality voice and his gift for heartfelt expression, has shared his creative gratitude for a Western Canadian lifestyle. Alan Moberg reaches into his soul to find words that capture B.C.'s beauty and mystery: its loves and its uniqueness. On stage, Moberg's melodious naturalness wraps his audiences in a sense of uncanny familiarity. His words paint musical scenes of good times and troubles, loves and laughter which people recognize as their own. As he portrays personal life experiences, his openness gives his songs a particular poignancy and reverence not usually found in ordinary country music. Alan sings and listening hearts respond. Read more background information about Alan on the About Alan page of this web site.

Tributes from Others:

"Alan Moberg brings crowds to their feet everywhere he goes"
Aldergrove Star


"Allan is no doubt one of Canada's best. It also goes without saying that Alan has an open invitation to appear on our airwaves should he tour in Toronto. If I were him though, having travelled out West I would just stay put as it's so beautiful there!"
Ron Burd, Musical Director, CIUT Radio Toronto


"From his first performance, actually from the first note he sang, he had the audience in the palm of his hand, and that is consistent in every appearance he has made. The response was always the same "awesome performance and when will he be back to do another concert?"
Connie Mack, past promotions director, the Rainbow Corral, Wetaskiwin, AB


"Alan Moberg is British Columbia's most authentic troubadour, and Northern Love is his best album to date. Moberg has lived the west coast experience to the fullest and this album brilliantly conveys his love and attachment to the great spaces and unforgettable people of his home turf From evoking a starlit night on the Skeena to calling the boisterous action of the Williams Lake Stampede, from depicting the miraculous journey of the wild salmon to painting the heartrending beauty of the Cariboo sunrise. Moberg does for BC's interior ranchland and coastal rainforest what lan Tyson does for Alberta cow country and Stan Rogers did for the Great Lakes. Backed by superb musicianship, Northern Love represents a moving portrayal of the west beyond the west by a virtuoso singer-songwriter." by Howard White, Publisher of the "Raincoast Chronicles".


Another old friend Elmer Tippe, BCCMA award winner and inductee into the Western Swing Music Hall of Fame says, "Alan has gained the respect of many... I always looked forward to playing Alan's music...Alan is a sure bet".


Harold Kendall, former music director of CKWX 1130 and Country music historian has described Moberg as " Canada's best kept musical secret".


"On this island of magic and music, Alan Moberg is gifted with generous quantities of both. As his words speak to your heart of love, longing, home and happiness, his rich, melodic voice and lyrical music stir you deepest being. More than a singer, more than a musician, Alan Moberg embodies the essence of the peace, hope, joy, fellowship and history of Salt Spring Island itself." Maggie Warbey


"It is so refreshing to hear a voice from the West Coast. I grew up, listening to Felix Leclerc, Gilles Vigneault, Pauline Julien, and the poets from Quebec, who sang about French Canadian culture. I remember listening to their songs and identifying myself to their lyrics. I knew who I was. When 1 came here and realized that most of the music was borrowed from the States I was at loss to know what people from the West could sing about. What we see and experience in our environment creates our identity and Alan has captured that in his music." Suzanne Mackenzie, Educator


"Meet a Friend of the Williams Lake Stampede: Alan Moberg wrote the "Williams Lake Stampede" song and if ever there was a song that just sticks in your mind, this song is it. It has such a catchy tune, the lyrics are easy to sing along with and it gives you such a happy feeling.

It is hard to believe Alan Moberg raised in a fishing family could have nailed the feeling, the flavor and atmosphere of a western event he had never even witnessed so absolutely perfectly. If ever there was a song that captured the image and spirit of a time or a place/this song had to be it. Three decades of listeners have never tired of the song, it is still one of his most requested wherever he performs. The young man from the coast had quite a gift of imagination to have done it so well." by Elizabeth Twan. Williams Lake Stampede Association, BC


"Alan's music has the effect of making us proud to be from BC. He was born here and somehow his roots have permeated his very essence as a writer his love of the coast touches every word of his saltwater coastal lyrics. Alan has many gifts not the least of which is a bell like vocal quality, which we don't hear enough of today in this less than gentle musical time. Alan Moberg - "BC's best kept musical secret". Laurie Thain, Pure Pacific Music


"I'd stop work and listen to Alan sing. His delivery is honest and his love of the tradition of story-telling-songs is evident." Valdy.


"This is an old radio guy from the '75-77 era at CHUB Nanaimo. Those were fun radio days. I played your songs. Canadians were not getting a lot of airay of course, some talent wasn't that great. You and your tunes were. It's nice to know you're still out there singing". David Forbes, Medicine Hat


When I have lived away in Japan, or Texas or Saskatchewan - it has been that song that has kept me grounded in who I am and where Iíve come from as a First Nations woman, daughter of commercial fishers, and being from the West Coast - home to some of the most awesome storms that seem to define the grey, dreary, fog-filled, choppy oceaned grandeur of this seascape I call home. It speaks to me of the roots and wings of my faith - my "Salal Brush Roots" are hard to pull out, even in the face of a blowing gale that only the stupid seagulls are brave enough to play in." Carmen Lansdowne


Global BC TV's weatherman Mark Madryga has twice sung along to Alan's Williams Lake Stampede on his morning weather report! Mark grew up in Kamloops, listening to the song each year Stampede rolled around. He says, "Such a classic! The song is part of my life."


Alan has many songs to do with the coast and the sea and the people of those places. Listen to clips such as Wild Salmon, Salal Brush Roots, Saltwater Cowboy, From Salt Spring to Egmont, Ballad of Doc Darby, The Beachcomber, and on his new 16th CD, Sunday Night Seine Boats. See the CDs page.


* Inducted into the BC Country Music Hall of Fame.

* Winner of three BC Country Music Association awards.

* Winner of the BMI Canada (SOCAN) Certificate of Merit Award.
"An outstanding contribution to Canadian Music".

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